We hope to create a happy workplace, providing a vibrant, safe and warm work
environment for all employees. Create a future together with Wistron in work-life balance.

Training & Development

We have a complete training and development system, providing function-oriented, diversified and globalized training programs,
together with fair performance management and promotion mechanisms, global job transfer mechanism, dual-track training of
professional and managerial talents, and all-around sound planning and organization of key talent cultivation and career track planning.
Complete Training System
New employee training system, professional training system, management training system, and general training system, the four training systems provide diversified and continuous learning activities.
Forward-looking Digital Academy
Enterprise Architect Academy, Data Engineer Academy, Data Scientist Academy, Cloud Architect Academy, Data Governance Academy, PO Academy, Translator Academy, Tech Lead Academy. Eight academies cultivate digital talents in all aspects, cultivate cross-disciplinary talents, and drive the growth of the organization's competitive advantage simultaneously.
Diversified Learning Channels
Wistron has a digital intelligent cloud-based learning platform, and regularly holds seminar courses, action-based learning with practical integration, personal development plans and community learning, external training and various industry trend seminars, as well as the opportunity to participate in large-scale projects with international consultants.
Dual-track Career Paths
Comprehensive career ladder, open and fair performance evaluation system, and dual-track career paths for professional and management development.

Compensation & Benefits

We provide a thoughtful welfare system for Wistron employees and their families,
with the aspiration to support and accompany employees throughout life.
  • Competitive compensation system (monthly salary, year-end bonus, performance bonus, annual salary adjustment)
  • Employee stock ownership trust
  • Outstanding staff recognition and awards
  • Childbirth Subsidy (NTD$60,000 per child)
  • Gifts and bonuses for three major public holidays
  • Wedding and bereavement subsidies and allowances
  • Travel subsidy
  • Major emergency loan (interest-free)
  • Annual health checkup
  • One-on-one doctor consultation service
  • Group insurance (family members can join preferential add-on insurance)
  • Labor and health insurance, a complete retirement system
  • Departmental birth celebration subsidy
  • Occasional Employee special purchase discounts
  • Free movie tickets, arts and culture discount tickets
  • Theme lectures (health, learning, education, travel, financial management, wine tasting, music, etc.)
  • No Saturday make-up working days
  • Flexible working hours
  • Paid Energy Leave (average 3~5 days per year)
  • Free transportation to and from work (more than 50 routes in Taipei, New Taipei, Keelung, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, etc.)
Life of Wistron
We often organize various group activities to help our employees relax and to build up the camaraderie among colleagues, so that we can enjoy our life together.
Diversified club activities
Ball tournaments
Video game competitions
Road running activities
Parent-child family day
Spring/Year-end Banquet
Team Building Competition
Various festivals and handicraft courses
Caring Environment
We create a friendly and comfortable workplace environment, so that our employees can receive the best care with peace of mind.
Quality fitness center, aerobics classroom
Basketball court
Staff cafeteria (Hsinchu plant)
Newspaper and magazine area
Stress relief massage area
Insurance consultation service
On-site banking services
On-site telecoms services
Complete breastfeeding facilities
Special nursery & kindergarten
Staff dormitory